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You have questions about shopping at No problem! Our customer FAQ provides you with all the answers, that you need. Find out more about the authenticity of our cards, worldwide shipping, cool accessories like sleeves and deck boxes, how we protect your data, our return guarantee, Delivery times, Special offers and how to reach our customer service. We want to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. Take a look and discover, how easy it is, expand your collection!

Who is ?

  • Become TCGCards24 2018 founded in Germany and is a trading card shop for Pokemon trading cards – YuGiOh! Trading cards and Magic the Gathering trading cards. 2022 TCGCards24 has its own international online shop and has completely converted its business area to online sales. ( NO longer a shop ).

How can I be sure that I receive my goods and that they are not fake displays? ?

  • We are an official German company, all products we sell are checked and are also checked by customs upon import, so we do not send fake products but only original products from the manufacturer.
  • All products off 70 Euros are sent with tracking data so you can track your order in our online shop with the tracking number.

I found bad reviews from the online shop, what's that about? ?

  • Just like it is with every online shop, It's the same with us, you can't please every customer. We have some fake reviews from Konurenz, which of course give negative reviews, and from Pokemon display scalpers who buy a lot of displays from us cheaply and give us bad reviews in order to discourage other customers from ordering from us. Our law firm is in the process of taking action against such fake and reputation-damaging reviews. If you have a problem with an order, our customer service is available around the clock.

Why don't we offer PayPal, Amazon Pay mehr an ?

  • Through bad experiences with customers, After you have ordered and we have shipped the expensive displays, you have opened a case to get your money back and thus receive the product for free, we no longer offer these payment methods. ( We are monitoring the situation and trying to filter out all scam customers and perhaps offer PayPal and Co. again in the near future. )

Why does the TrustedSide seal indicate that it is not valid? ?

  • TrustedSide has a monthly call limit which is reset every month. As soon as the limit has been reached, the message seal is invalid appears. After the monthly reset, the seal is valid again. ( Too many customers per month 😉 )

How can I pay at ?

  • You can pay with GiroPay, Klarna immediately, iDeal, Bancontact, Transfer, Crypto und 400 other payment methods.

How can I pay in my country? ?

  • Credit card ( VISA, Master, AMEX, PAYPAL ) Worldwide
  • Europa – Worldwide Payment ( GiroPay, Klarna immediately, iDeal, Bancontact ), Crypto and more.
  • United Kingdom – Worldwide Payment ( Klarna immediately ), Transfer, Crypto.
  • USA – Transfer, Crypto.
  • You have – Transfer, Crypto
  • Australia – Transfer, Crypto
  • Asian – Worldwide Payment ( Wallets, Direkt Payments ), Transfer, Crypto.

How much does shipping cost at ?

  • Shipping in Europe is free.
  • Free shipping to US.
  • Free shipping to UK.
  • Free shipping to the rest of the world.

How long does delivery take ?

  • Shipping in Europe 7 – 10 working days. ( We have no influence on exactly how long it takes for us to ship all products 50 Euro insured and on the fastest route )
  • Shipping to US 7 – 10 working days. ( We have no influence on exactly how long it takes for us to ship all products 50 Euro insured and on the fastest route )
  • Shipping to UK 7 – 10 working days. ( We have no influence on exactly how long it takes for us to ship all products 50 Euro insured and on the fastest route )
  • Shipping to the rest of the world 14 – 20 working days. ( We have no influence on exactly how long it takes for us to ship all products 50 Euro insured and on the fastest route )

How do we ship the displays? ?

  • All displays are securely packaged so that no damage can occur to the boxes and are shipped insured with tracking.

Are the products at original products ?

  • All our products are original and sealed by The Pokemon Company International, Herds, Wizards and others.

How long is my right of withdrawal at ?

  • 14 Days after the order you can get your money back if you do not receive the goods or if the goods are defective, more information in our Right of withdrawal.

What is excluded from the right of withdrawal at ?

  • All sealed products e.g. Pokemon Displays, YuGioh! Displays und Magic the Gatering Displays.

How long do I have to cancel my order at ?

  • You can 30 Minutes after placing an order, contact our support team and they will try to cancel your order ( Unfortunately not always possible as it is an automatic process ).

How long does it take for support to contact ?

  • Processing time for a request can be up to 48 It takes hours, but our support team does its best to answer as quickly as possible.


The most frequently asked questions about from our customers.

1. Ask: What does offer? Answer: is an online platform, which has a wide selection of trading card games (TCG) Offers cards and accessories, including Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering and more.

2. Ask: Are the cards on real? Answer: And, All cards on are genuine and sourced from trusted sources. We guarantee authenticity and quality.

3. Ask: How do I find specific cards on Answer: Searching for cards on is easy! Simply use our search function and filter by game, Set, Name or type, to find exactly that, what you are looking for.

4. Ask: also offers rare cards? Answer: And, we have a variety of rare cards on offer, including rare ones, holographic and limited editions. Browse our collection, to complete your collection or find valuable pieces.

5. Ask: How safe is shopping on Answer: Shopping on is safe and secure. We use secure payment methods and encrypted connections, to protect your personal information.

6. Ask: offers international delivery? Answer: And, we offer international shipping! No matter, where are you, we deliver your order safely and reliably to your address.

7. Ask: There are also accessories such as deck boxes and sleeves on Answer: And, In addition to cards, we also offer a large selection of accessories such as deck boxes, Sleeves, Playmats and more, to improve your gaming experience and protect your collection.

8. Ask: Can I sell my own cards on Answer: We currently do not offer an option, Sell ​​your own cards on We're concentrating on that, to offer a high quality selection of cards for our customers.

9. Ask: There are also special offers or discounts on Answer: And, We regularly have special offers and discounts on selected products. Keep an eye out for our promotions, to get great offers!

10. Ask: How do I contact customer service?? Answer: If you have any questions or need help, You can reach us via our contact form or by email. Our customer service team is ready, to help you and solve your concerns.

11. Ask: offers a return guarantee? Answer: And, we offer a return guarantee on all products, that you buy from us. If you are not satisfied, Simply contact our customer service, to arrange a return.

12. Ask: New releases are also offered on Answer: And, we regularly update our inventory, to offer the latest releases and expansions for popular trading card games. Keep an eye out for new products on our website!

13. Ask: The prices on are competitive? Answer: And, We strive to, offering competitive prices, to ensure, that you get the best offers on your favorite cards. Compare our prices and see for yourself!

14. Ask: also offers gift vouchers? Answer: And, we offer gift vouchers in various amounts, so you can surprise your loved ones with the perfect gift. A great option for all trading card game fans!

15. Ask: How long does shipping take on Answer: Shipping time varies depending on the destination. However, shipping usually takes place within a few working days after your order has been confirmed. You will receive a tracking number, to track the status of your delivery.

16. Ask: also offers collectible items? Answer: And, we have a selection of collector's items, including limited editions, Promo cards and other rare pieces. Perfect for serious collectors and trading card game lovers!

17. Ask: Can I track my order on Answer: And, once your order has been dispatched, you will receive a tracking number, with which you can track the status of your delivery. So you always know, where your cards are!

18. Ask: also offers tournament- or event support? Answer: We currently do not offer support for tournaments or events. However, we are focusing on this, offering high quality products, to improve your gaming experience.

19. Ask: There are also guides or tips for players on Answer: We do not currently offer any specific guides or tips, but our blog regularly contains interesting articles and information about trading card games. Stop by and discover useful content!

20. Ask: also offers special promotions for regular customers? Answer: And, we reward our loyal customers with exclusive offers and discounts. Sign up for our newsletter, to be informed about our current promotions and to benefit from special advantages!


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