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Pokémon TCG: XY-Primal Clash Booster Box (36 Packs)

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Pokémon TCG: XY-Primal Clash Booster Box (36 Packs)

Immerse yourself in the raw energy of the Pok√©mon TCG: XY-Primal Clash Booster Box! With 36 packs of untamed power, embark on an emotional journey where every card holds the promise of victory and the thrill of discovery. Feel the adrenaline rush as you unleash primal forces, engage in epic battles, and unearth rare treasures that ignite your passion for adventure. Elevate your collection, conquer your foes, and experience the ultimate Pok√©mon showdown with this electrifying booster box by your side. It’s time to embrace the primal clash and emerge victorious as the ultimate Pok√©mon Master!

XY-Primal Clash Booster Box

Pok√©mon TCG: XY-Primal Clash Booster Display Box (36 Packs) –¬†After centuries asleep, the deep power of Primal Groudon-EX erupts from the land as Primal Kyogre-EX crashes in from the sea, riding titanic waves into battle! With colossal new arrivals like Mega Gardevoir-EX and Mega Aggron-EX, the Pok√©mon TCG: XY‚ÄĒPrimal Clash expansion is alive with the primordial power of Ancient Traits‚ÄĒplus all-new Spirit Link and Special Energy cards! Let the earth shake and the oceans thunder, and get ready for a primal clash like no other!

  • Primal Clash Booster – 36 booster packs in this display with 10 cards each
  • Primal Clash introduces the primordial power of Ancient Traits!
  • New Mega Pok√©mon, new Spirit Link cards, and more!
  • You can expand your collection by land or by sea!
Cards vary by pack.

  • Language: English
  • Brand: Pok√©mon Company International
  • UPC: 617390973717

1 review for Pokémon TCG: XY-Primal Clash Booster Box (36 Packs)

  1. Manuel
    18. December 2023
    All Perfect thanks
    Everything is perfect. Sealed and original Display thanks for this.
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